Schwäbisch-Gmünd, September 2020– The special vehicle manufacturer BINZ International is the first company in Europe to go into series production of a fully electric hearse using sandwich technology based on the Tesla Model S. The first two BINZ.E are expected to be completed in October 2020. The traditional company, which has been part of the Woodall Nicholson Group since 2019, relies on both proven manual work and innovative production technology for special conversions. For example, special body parts can be mass-produced in the new plant in Schwäbisch Gmünd near Stuttgart. BINZ also has a state-of-the-art paint shop for special and exhibition vehicles on site. With Europe’s first electric funeral vehicle in sandwich construction, BINZ is responding to the wish of many funeral directors to be able to drive into cemeteries with zero emissions and noiselessness.

The BINZ.E is a proud 5.82 meters long, 1.86 meters wide and reaches a vehicle height of 1.72 meters in the rear area. This means that he can hold enough equipment in addition to the coffin. With the original battery drive from Tesla, it has a range of around 350 kilometers. To manufacture the fully electric hearse, the Tesla Model S is sawn in half behind the A-pillar. The body is lengthened using a self-supporting sandwich technology made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The individual components are connected with liquid foam, which hardens under high temperature and internal pressure. The result is a stable, elongated chassis that achieves almost the same driving behavior as the original – even with maximum load.

The BINZ.E is currently the only electric hearse using GRP sandwich technology on the market. In contrast to the classic spaceframe system, this makes the vehicle lighter and more stable. The coffin loading floor and tailgate are electric and can be operated with a touchpad at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle’s electric windows are photochromic and can be operated from the rear as well as from the front. They are available in white or gray, depending on your choice. Both the driver’s cab and the loading area exude a simple elegance and calm. The coffin base can be supplemented with an urn holder.

BINZ International offers the BINZ.E the opportunity to convert both new and used vehicles from the Tesla Model S Facelift (2016). Customers can provide their own vehicle or order the car directly from BINZ. Another advantage for German customers with BINZ.E is that they can receive a state environmental bonus for this special electric vehicle.

Around three months must be allowed for converting an existing vehicle. The waiting time for a Tesla to be shipped from the factory from the United States is approximately six to seven months. The first two customer orders for the BINZ.E are currently being completed and are expected to be delivered to wholesalers as test vehicles in November of this year. At the same time, these customers receive two BINZ.H2, classic hearse vehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz S213. Further orders for 2021 have already been received. BINZ is currently working on the new BINZ.H4, a cabin car based on the E-Class, as well as a converted Mercedes-Benz Vito under the name BINZ.K1.

“At BINZ we manufacture vehicles according to quality standards“ Made in Germany ”that have been tried and tested for decades. Where we used to manufacture almost exclusively by hand, in our ultra-modern factory in Schwäbisch Gmünd we now combine our proven handwork with innovative series production, without neglecting the individuality for each customer. And of course we will continue to implement the large number of special requests from our clients in the highest quality. In addition, our vehicles have a strength and durability that is unmatched on the market. “

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