Noiseless and sustainable to the last rest – BINZ.E is ready for test drives

Ecological burials or “green burials” are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. They claim to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. For example, environmentally friendly cardboard coffins, shrouds made of natural fibres or biodegradable ash capsules can be used. But beyond the physical form of burial, there are numerous aspects that can help make a funeral as ecological as possible.

One of these aspects is the vehicle in which deceased persons make their way to their final resting place. The BINZ.E is one of the first fully electric funeral vehicles in the world. It is 5.82 metres long, 1.86 metres wide and reaches a vehicle height of 1.72 metres at the rear. The latest funeral vehicle in the BINZ family is based on the Tesla Model S and has been available for viewing or demonstration at BINZ International since November.

BINZ can visit customers with the demonstration vehicle in their businesses, giving them the opportunity to see the vehicle up close. The hygiene measures in place due to Covid-19 are observed at all times. During a tour around the vehicle, the experts can highlight numerous advantages in more detail, including, for example, the low loading height of the loading deck, the urn holder on the rear and user-friendly, self-tinting windows instead of curtains. A test drive can help to get to know the driving behaviour of the BINZ.E and convince oneself of the quality of the stable, extended Tesla. In doing so, undertakers can drive across their own yard or park in their own garage to make sure that the BINZ.E has enough room there. They also like to check the ground clearance in case of obstacles such as ramps or slopes and the overall height when the tailgate is open.

With the e-burial vehicle, cemeteries can not only be driven through emission-free but also in complete silence. This allows the mourners’ peace and quiet to be preserved, even when the vehicle is leading a funeral procession. The coffin loading floor and tailgate of the BINZ.E are electric and operated with a touchpad from the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle’s electric windows are available in white as well as grey and can be operated from both the rear and the front. All doors can also be unlocked using an emergency release, ensuring permanent access. With two drawers, the e-vehicle also offers ample storage space for equipment such as coffin rollers and equipment.

The BINZ.E is currently the only electric funeral vehicle manufactured using GRP sandwich technology. In this process, both the exterior geometry and the interior geometry can be produced in one process. This results in a stable, extended derivative that achieves almost the same driving behaviour as the original from Tesla – even with maximum load. Experts quickly recognise the high quality of the hearse by its good workmanship and elegant design.

And after the tour? Our team supports interested parties with their order and, if desired, can configure a vehicle together with them that meets their individual needs.

Are you interested in getting to know the BINZ.E up close? Write to us or give us a call. We will be happy to help you: +49 (7171) 872 9899